Saturday, February 23, 2008

date night..

finally got a chance to catch up with my sister and her family this week..
here are my two nuggets.. so very cute.. and growing so fast..
they drive me crazy - because i adore them so much - and ben doesn't even like them.. which they don't realize.. and they just think he's the best.. doesn't matter that i'm the one who tries to bribe them with presents..

uncle ben and deborah messing around..

such a big boy..
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Chelsea said...

Love the pics....kidos are sooo cute. By the way...the plate under Ben is the largest plate I have ever seen...what's up with that?

chara said...

have to eat lots of food when kids don't like their food and want to eat yours.. poor ben didn't even get to eat half of it..

LizardQueen said...

i want to go back and hang with the kiddos. they are a good time! your sis and jesse are like, yes, come see kids, we can bail...a hot date perhaps???

Anonymous said...

perhaps hypnosis would help?