Monday, November 05, 2007

Officially getting old

I just did something I've never done before and something i accredit to old people.

I gave money to a presidential candidate. Who does that? old people. I'm old. Or at least getting there.

I'm not a political person and am usually very disenfranchised with the whole process, so this was part of that. I felt it was important to put some money behind someone i believed in. I have great cynicism toward the system and i've seen that play out in spades in the media and how it views the current roster of political hopefuls.

I gave my money to Ron Paul, because i believe he is truly different than any of the other parties running and would actually bring a change instead more of the same from a new name. I believe in many of the things he is promoting and i have great hopes that we can make some good changes with him in office. Check him out if you haven't heard him. Listen to his ideas. they are truly refreshing.

His supporters were having a fund raising push today and he has raised almost 6.9 million today alone. That is a lot of people putting their money where their mouths are so to speak.

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LizardQueen said...

Oh yes, we are on the Ron Paul committee this election too. He doesn't get enough air play and it makes me mad... GRRRRR.