Saturday, February 17, 2007

sugar.. yumm..

anyone who knows my sister, knows that she is a health freak.. like the worst kind.. and because of this, she limits the amount of sugar her kids get..

but now deoborah goes to school.. and my sister cannot regulate what sugar she gets with snacks at school..
one day deborah comes home from school telling her mom all about the bagel covered in chocolate with sprinkles - and how good it was..
reanna thought it was weird, and she's never even heard of a bagel covered in chocolate and sprinkles.. and then reanna realized what it was.. it was a doughnut.. deborah had her first doughnut.. and because she had never had one before - and it had a hole.. she thought it was a bagel..

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The Shib said...

That child should soon enough learn the beauty of white lies. The donut could have been a nutritious bready snack. An energy bar of sorts...