Thursday, August 03, 2006

Officing from Disneyland

one of the nice things about my job is the flexibility of where i can work. Often i will work from home if traffic is bad. Today i have a recording session in Orange County. I came up early to have the car checked out as after i tuned it up the check engine light came on (nice huh?). Turns out it was just a hose i knocked loose when replacing the fuel filter, no big deal. so that was fixed in two seconds and i have the rest of the afternoon to work before my meeting. Have laptop will travel i just need to find a place with some wifi. Well i happen to be close to Disneyland so...

Today i'm officing out of the Grand Californian Hotel. they have this great little alcove off of the lobby with a fireplace and rocking chairs. Very comfy, great disney music being played on the piano nearby, great food at Downtown Disney. The only drawback is the screaming kids that come in every once in a while to remind me that i'm never having children.

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