Monday, May 08, 2006

i'm torn..

yesterday my ben took me shopping.. and at urban outfitters ben bought me the perfect pair of red boots..
i have been looking for a pair of red boots for a while.. and these are the perfect pair.. and i love them..
but there is a problem..
while trying on my boots with different outfits last night, i noticed a sticker on the bottom.. the sticker explains that these boots are a part of a 'vintage' line which means that they either used to be something else and were remade into boots, or they used to be someone else's boots before they were mine..
it didn't take me long to realize what had happened.. some urban outfitter executive was at a flea market, saw my boots on sell for three dollars and knew that they could take them back to urban outfitters and sell them for 70 bucks..
and now i can't keep my perfect red boots because they make me that stupid person who bought a three dollar pair of boots for 70 dollars...

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