Tuesday, August 23, 2005

money for nothing...

what a very very long, unhappy day..
"what's that san diego state? you want 300 bucks for school supplies???? sure.. let me just write you a check.."
"what's that san diego state? you want 700 more dollars for books???? sure.. here's a credit card?? oh.. and if i spend more than 250 bucks i get a 25 dollar star bucks gift card.. well.. that makes the 700 dollars worth in books (books alone people) totally worth it... "
that's not even the tuition...
i could have spent more... they tried to sell me a 'fanny pack'.. all that peer pressure.. and i still said no..


The Shib said...

My freshmen year at A&M I paid $450 for my biology materials. I think perhaps that was a text book and a lab manual. $450!

And they were used. And when I sold them back I got $20 bucks for the text.

Ok so technically I didnt pay it. The government did. But now I pay them so I figure it all works out.

Still though...its a scam.

chara said...

well.. i got something like 14 really heavy books out of the deal.. so i suppose i should be grateful..
... another 30 bucks and that fanny pack could have been mine..