Saturday, April 30, 2005

damn the man

today was the longest day ever.. and i am very mad at all things standardized... i had to take this horrible test today.. the test starts with a 45 minute essay on whether laws should be implemented to enforce courteous behavior... now i spent 10 of my 45 minutes thinking about what a stupid essay topic this is... doesn't matter.. i had to finish the stupid essay.. so i finished, just as the time was up.. but i never got to re-read my essay.. and therefore, i am not sure that my essay even made sense.. seriously.. 45 minutes is not a long time to complete an essay..
after wasting 45 minutes on the stupid essay, i had to waste another hour on stupid, fill in the blank, mulitple choice, bubble type questions.. either way i am done.. but i am tired.. i have now had one very full glass of wine, and ben wont let me have another.. so i am off to bed.. i have to work tomorrow.. i'm closing for my friend kit.. it's been about 4 years since i last closed the outback.. and it's been almost that long since i've worked a sunday.. should be fun.. night..

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