Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Things learned in Chinatown

1. Irish people cannot say Power Shower

2. I am a horrible negotiator

As for the first one it comes out sounding like Par Shar and we all had a good laugh with our new Irish friend Robert for that tidbit of information

For the second... I was finally getting good and learning the ways of negotiating at the China town market near the end of our time there. This place was amazing with the sights and smells and hundreds of cheap knock off items and pirated DVD’s that everyone was selling. A lot of crap really. But it was amazing how the sales people would just grab you, pull you in and try to make you buy stuff. At the end I finally figured out the secret to negotiating but by then I’m sure I paid too much for everything I bought.

But here is how you do it:

Enter overly crowded market and walk or be pulled into one of the shops/tables.

Me: (Walk into little area with said crap on tables and pick up desired object)

“ooh this is nice”

Sales person

“you like that? I’ll make you a special deal”


Say nothing and look unimpressed

Sales person: (looks at overpriced price tag and cut 30%-80%)

“Normal price 500, for you… 180”


Say nothing

Sales person:

“you like? Good price?”


Say nothing

Sales person:

“ok, how about 160?....150?.....140?)


Say nothing and begin to walk away

Sales person:

“120… ok 100 final offer”

Me: Walking away

“Thank you, no” and keep walking

Sales person:

“80? 60?”


Still walking away

Sales person: yelling as I’m walking away

“40? 20?.....”

Had I known this tactic when I first arrived I would have done so much better. But whatever…

It was still great to see people put things in bags that you were just looking at and hand them to you like you would purchase them that much more if it was already in a bag for you. I love it. Chara did not so much. It’s a very tight cramped space with a lot of pushing and grabby people all around you. My camera died earlier that day, so I don’t have pictures, but I’ll get some from Ryan and post them.

We went out for this great tea after that. The tea is awesome. Its just normal tea, but very strong tea, like the espresso of tea, mixed with condensed milk and its just really good. It makes me wired. I love it. And the guys have this cool way of making the milk foamy buy pouring it from one cup to another but at arms length. So imagine you have one up you are holding above your head and the other you hold at your knees and you pour the milk in between them. The guys are skilled and make some mean tea.


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Passionista said...

you're talking about "teh tarik," which literally means "pulled tea" in reference to the "pouring it from over your head" action. it's a concoction of the local Indian Muslims who came from India yonks ago. everyone came here from somewhere yonks ago, except the "orang asli" (literally "original people").

I believe the recipe is tea leaves, condensed milk, and evaporated milk. you can play around with the proportions to arrive at your desired state of wiredness : ).

as a variation, add ginger juice!

it was great meeting you guys at the Emergent meet-up! hope we'll meet again ; ).