Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ben and chara flying solo

today was a good day.. kinda... it started out with holly being really sick, and needing to be taken to the hospital... ben and i decided last minute to go off on our own.. and thankfully our new friend phil hooked us up with a wonderful woman named kim, who allowed us to help her and her great program 'step ahead'.. so we drove up to kaolok and helped out with some data entry... which seems weird, but that's the help they needed.. kim shared her tsunami story... kim is from virginia... and has been in thailand for many years (15 i think).. she has been in bangkok, but drove down to phang na the day after the tsunami hit.. she helped with translation in the hospitals, and body identification... she's a wonderful human being.. and it was great to work along side her today.. the area where we helped out lost 10,000 people to the tsunami.. you can see some of the damage from the pictures.. it's crazy.. there has been so much rebuilt. but there is so much to do.. it was great to help out today.. hopefully they will need our help tomorrow.. now that they are aware of my mad data entry skills..
it's been a long day.. we did go to see holly.. who is feeling much much better.. she looks great.. it might be the flu.. but they are keeping an eye on her in case it's something worse.. hopefully by tomorrow she'll be feeling good enough to come home..
i would diagnose it as just a flu.. but you know those crazy dr's.. they always want to be extra cautious..

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