Tuesday, June 28, 2005

thank yous..

something i will miss about malaysia.. is our new friends Siven, and Kia Meng..
you guys are amazing.. such kindness... you made our trip.. KL wouldn't have been the same without you.. you both showed us that malaysian hospitality means more then generous.. thank you siven... your church rocks.. you are an amazing pastor.. you introduced us to some of the most amazing people.. and thanks to your wonderful wife and beautiful family for sharing your time with us.. and thank you kia meng.. for staying in KL a little longer.. just to show us around..
i have never wanted to move out of california.. but this trip showed me.. that if i ever had to move to KL.. it wouldn't be such a bad move.. i would have a huge group of friends, a church, and a new family.. thank you all so much..


Sivin Kit said...

thanks Chara for your kind words .. indeed we are "family" :-)

Anonymous said...

we have really been enjoying keeping up with your trip. i must say i am proud of you. i am curious, however, how i got a voicemail on my cell at eight this morning saying you wanted to go to the farmers market. should i ask the orange man to wait for you? a really long time?
things are carrying on as usual at home as far as i can tell... bri gets his haircut tonight. love you,