Saturday, June 25, 2005

I Heart KL

ok Malaysia Rocks

or rather at least KL (Kuala Lumpur) thus far...

the city is beautiful, modern, and the people are wonderful

We made a friend on the plane on the way to Malaysia. Ryan and Holly being the smart people they are, were speaking their Thai to one of our flight attendants. Finally partway through the flight he informed them that he was not Thai, but rather Malay and had no idea what they were saying to him. We made freinds and he actually drove us to our hotel and showed us the train system (which is awesome). We are having dinner with Elmie tonight i think.

Yesterday Kia Ming took us around KL and downtown areas. we checked out a local arts and crafts type of center and took the train all around town and ended up at the big twin tower buildings, as seen in Entrapment. There is a LARGE mall near it where we grabbed some lunch and walked around. At night we met up with Sivin Kit who is our main contact here and had an awesome group discussion with him and a great group of people on the Emergent Church and varying topics around such things. It was really great.

Today, most of us are well, Holly and Chara are still getting over whatever it is they all had. The food here is better in that there is at least a variety and its not all one thing. We visited Sivin's church BLC (Bangsar Lutherin Church) which was really great. We got to share about our experiences in Thailand and got to hear from Robert who is from Ireland and his experiences. Overall it has been a great experience thus far.

Later today we might hit the Batu(sp?) caves and then Chinatown and hang out with our new friend Elmie for dinner and such. Should be a great time.

so far we love Malaysia and KL. The city is great, the people are great and i wish we had more time here. Maybe we'll be back to visit.



Eric said...

KL Hearts You Too!

Sorry we weren't able to hook up for dinner, but it was fun meeting you guys! Have a safe trip back north - I'll be keeping with y'all here!

Ben.. said...

Hey Eric

yeah sorry we couldn't get together this trip.

There's always next time we are out in Malaysia. we definatley want to return to see more people and see more of the beautiful country

hope to hear from you