Saturday, March 29, 2008

REI Sale(s) = Success

We hit not one, but TWO REI used gear sales today. Yes we are that hardcore. And we got some good stuff. Actually i got a lot of good stuff. Chara didn't find as many treasures as i did. But it was still good times to be had by all.

Here is a pic of Chara nd Kevyn sporting his new North Face jacket he scored
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Chelsea said... I am packing for my trip to cali...shorts, t-shirts, bathing suit. Then I decide to take a look at your are not making it look so warm there chara. I really want to see some sun shine. I feel it is the least cali can do for me seeing as though it was just snowing here in wa. please tell me I have something to look forward to!

chara said...

chelsea - not to worry my friend - 2 things -
first - remember that me being cold means nothing - i was born and raised in the OC - i am always cold..
second - you are going to palm springs - it's the desert - it will be warm.. but probably cold at night..
i can't wait to come and see you - and sit out by a pool and enjoy the warm weather..

Chelsea said...

I know right! Thanks for the encouragement. I always worry that the weather will be crummy on my vaca's. Well it's 9:45 pm now and I am leaving Gig Harbor @ 4:30 am so I am off to bed. I will call you tomorrow afternoon!