Thursday, March 27, 2008

The best day ever

I should not be as excited about this as i am, but this Saturday is the big REI used gear sale at REI.

and you know i'll be there bright and early in the morning to camp out in line to get the good deals on gear i probably don't need, but will someday use.

I missed the last two of these due to traveling for work so i think thats why i'm so excited. I have all this pent up shopping spree inside of me that is screaming to get out and spend that REI dividend check.

Check back on Saturday for all the updates from the sale.



Anonymous said...

garage sale? is this at all locations?

Ben.. said...

I think it moves around from region to region

check REI and find the stores by you and check for the used gear sales

they should have them at all the stores...i'd guess

its the best sale ever. i always spend WAYYYYYY too much. but i get the best deals ever.

Chelsea said...

Now I know that you and Brandon are brothers from the same mother. weird right?

Chelsea said...

Oh wise one Keith: a bargan shopper too. I could go on and on. You just have everything. Kim is the luckiest women in the world. Your kids are going to probably grow up to be genious...successful entrepreneurs with homes all over the will probably have multiple aswell just set aside for you. All of this coming from having a father that is sooo wise.