Wednesday, March 26, 2008

if you use craigslist, you need this

I'm way too addicted to craigslist lately, but its just awesome

I've been giving away stuff like crazy, and find parts for my new project car as well. its just awesome

anyway, found this little firefox extension that shows you the images of the item without having to click on it.

super cool

check it out if you use cragslist.



Chelsea said...

I think you and Brandon are brothers from the SAME mother. He is always on craigslist. We have sold three cars, rented out two of our rental homes, and sold a dog on craigslist. The only thing that freeks me out about it is that you can list something and then ten minutes later have literally 15 calls.

Ben.. said...

We are brothers indeed. I think we could track our heritage on Craigslist, i'm just not sure how.

I love you guys!

Chelsea said... are funny=)

Anonymous said...

for info on heritage, go to the Barter section.