Monday, March 24, 2008

easter part I

for easter we all headed over to my brother and loans -
my sister called me before and said she wasnt feeling up to a family get together - her whole family had gotten sick, and she finally succumbed to it on easter.. so i decided that since we had gotten all the easter baskets together, and were prepared for an easter egg hunt, and had all the stuff for dying eggs - that even if my sister couldn't make it - the kids needed to.. so ben (very reluctantly) and i assumed responsibility for deborah and isaiah - and played pretend parents on easter..
we had a great time.. the food was a amazing, and the family time was great..
it was a nice relaxing sunday - many thanks to trevor and loan who worked over time to make this a great easter.. thank you guys for the food, the family, and the fun.. you guys truly outdid yourselves..

just chilling

getting our egg dying on

on the hunt
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