Sunday, July 03, 2005

Restoring Paradise

So on our last day on Phi Phi island chara and i got up early and hiked to the top of Phi Phi island to a viewpoint where you could see the whole island and beach below. The "before" pictures of this island you see on postcards are amazing it the stark contrast to what it looks like now. The lush green tropical beaches are now very baren and brown, but it is still beautiful, still paradise.

(warning: philosophical rant to follow)

As we got to the top of the hill, it becan to rain and the wind began to blow. You could see the storm blowing accross the island. And then a huge rainbow appeared over the entire island. it was an amazing sight. A new metaphore i've been thinking about while hear is "restoring paradise". As we work with various organizations and people from around the world helping to rebuilt and restore this island and various villages around Thailand it began to sink in. In thinking about how God is working to restore creation it felt very good/natural to help where we could. The frustrations we've felt on this trip was when we would have trouble finding ways to help or working with people who seemed to be co-opting this effort to bring in thier own agenda.

But the view of the rainbow over the island from the top of the mountain on our last morning after working on the island with some great people was the perfect ending to a great trip. I hope to return to this place soon.

(phisophical rant over)

And the boatride back was nowhere near as bad as the last one. It wasn't 100% smooth, as i think the island doesn't want me to leave, but we made it.

We are now off to Chang Mai for the last few days of our trip to trek around for a few days. We won't have internet up there, so no more from us until we get back on Friday.

Lots of great pictures to come when we get home


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