Monday, July 11, 2005

one more thing

i feel like we talked about all the 'fun' (i use that term loosely when referring to Chang dao) we had in Thailand.. And we did have fun... But we also did some work..
on phi phi ben and i got the chance to go 'snorkeling for trash' in the bay.. ben and i picked up trash, and helped bring in more trash that scuba divers had picked up during the day.. (so much trash.. 7000 tons of trash has already been removed from the island) we did get a chance to scuba dive... which was great fun... much better than california.. such warm water.. and beautiful fish.. we saw a shark even.. kinda scared me.. but not to worry.. i didn't get eaten.. not even a little.. the next day started at 8am with ben and i working in the toolshed.. ben helped build recycle bins, and help run power to the toolshed.. i checked people in and out of the toolshed and sent volunteers to projects.. i worked the 8-10 shift.. after my shift was over, i left ben at the toolshed.. and holly and i walked around phi phi picking up broken tiles.. we needed the tiles to start to make a memorial mural.. now i do not have a creative bone in my body.. i am in no way an artist.. but holly is.. and she is amazing.. she conceptualized and drew the whole thing.. and i got to help place some tiles.. made me feel like an artist for the day..
after having a hard time finding places to help with on phuket.. helping on phi phi felt wonderful.. HI phi phi was great for allowing anyone and everyone to help out.. if you had an hour to spare, a day, or a week.. they let you come in and volunteer where need.. such a great organization..

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