Saturday, July 16, 2005

the not so great part

ok.. so ben and i are telling everyone about our 'great' trip to thailand.. and we're telling about all the great parts of the trip.. and there were many great parts..
but we really haven't told the story about the horrible/worst part of the trip..
i bet your thinking you already know the worst part.. when we all thought we were going to die on the boat, and i got hit in the head with a bag of puke.. no. not the worst part.. (although ben wanted to die on that boat ride.. so it may have been the worst part for him)
actual worst part:
our first day in chang dao.. we are exploring caves.. we go into the first cave.. the first parts are pretty big.. but the next part of the cave has to be explored on hands and knees.. which freaks out holly, who has recently developed a fear of caves.. so, holly doesn't want to go on any further.. we girls come up with the bright idea that we'll stay in the big part of the cave, while the boys and the guide go off, on hands and knees and explore the rest of the cave.. holly tells ryan that it's fine if he goes off, as long as he comes back soon.. so off in the cave hole they go..
so... holly and i are waiting in the big cave.. all we are armed with our head lamps.. and these head lamps are not so great because 1. they are not that bright and 2. they would just go out every once and a while.. and we'd have to hit them until they came back on..
here we are in this very dark cave.. waiting for the boys.. who are coming back soon.. i'm sure.. and holly is kinda freaking out.. about every three minutes holly yells into the cave "ryan? ryan? are you coming back? ryan?" and this yelling upsets the bats.. yes. there were bats in this cave.. and they were upset.. and they kept flying by/at me.. and i couldn't see them (thanks to the useless headlamps), until they'd fly right by my arm.. the bats really upset me.. using my not so high powered head lamp, i'd look up.. to see if i could at least see where the bats were coming from.. and no, i could not.. and then when they weren't flying at me.. they were making noises.. mean, unhappy bat noises.. so i could hear these bats way up in the cave.. but i couldn't see them.. yep.. this is the stuff scary movies are made this continued for almost 25 minutes.. holly yelling for/at ryan.. and the bats becoming upset.. and flying right by me.. yes.. all of it being very horrible.. holly was freaking out.. and held my hand many times.. and despite what i'd seen on the discovery channel about how bats really aren't mean, and how they don't really like to bite and suck for blood.. i wasn't buying it.. and i was wishing for some garlic.. at minute 17, i started to think that this scenario was beginning to feel like a really bad horror film.. in which five people go into a cave.. two of them get scared, and decide to stay behind, which is the most stupid move.. because they never make it out of the cave.. because the bats get them.. and i was thinking to myself... stupid stupid chara.. you know better then to stay behind..
all this time.. besides the bats flying about, other bad things were happening..
the headlamps would keep going out.. and we would freak out a little more.. and then there were spiders.. big, giant, hairy spiders.. after i realized that i would never find out where the bats where hiding when they weren't dive bombing me.. i would find a spider (not super hard to do) and keep my eye on him.. making sure he didn't move.. seriously.. i have never wanted to be home, in my wonderful bed, under the covers so bad in my life..
holly and i were really sad.. and i wanted to cry and tell holly that i loved her, because we probably weren't going to make it... but i actually had to be the strong one.. so i kept telling holly that everything was really going to be fine.. and we held hands, and i told her storeis, and we sang songs, and we kept yelling at the boys.. and swearing that after they came back to save us.. we were never speaking to them again.. and just swearing in general..
yep.. that was the worst ever.. stuck in a cave.. can't get out.. bats flying at me.. big hairy spiders, and head lamps that keep losing power..
good times..

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