Monday, September 29, 2008

Julian Bluegrass Festival

Ok catching up on blogging from Scotty's visit down. We went up to Julian a cute little mountain town outside of San Diego for the Julian Bluegrass festival. It was very cute.
They had some great bands.Chara just wanted to talk about Obama all day.
We ran into Sara Petite a girl i went to high school with who now has a bluegrass band.
These guys were goodHere is Scott Sara and I
Chara is encouraging everyone to register to vote.
Then Scotty met Miss Julian. She really was stupid. Her mom was even worse.
Then we stopped at this little BBQ place for some dinner.

Worst BBQ ever, but best chicken pot pie you have ever eaten. And the apple pie is amazing.*cartoon bubbles for sarcasm purposes only*

**Chara hereby in no way here or on any other planet endorses Barack Obama for President**

***But Ben does***

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Ben.. said...

and since Chara is censoring my posts, i am officially supporting Obama here in the comments.

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