Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fishing with Don

Scotty and I went fishing with our neighbor Don this morning. Here is our adventure.

We got up really early and went out to the lake.

Here is Don and Scott
And here we are with the poles in the water
It was a beautiful day
And here is the first fish caught. Yes i caught it. Yes its massive. I have really big hands.
Don then caught one and many more after.
Scotty finally caught one as well.
Here is another of Don's catches
Here is Scotty fighting a monster
and another one in the net
Here is a double catch by Don and Scotty
Here perhaps is the smallest cutest fish ever. The worm to catch it was bigger.We had a great time fishing at the lake. Caught a few. Had a few nibbles. No real big catches today. But we did get to watch skydivers jumping all day and had a fun day at the lake.

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