Saturday, January 31, 2009

fun in the sun

friday ben took me on a hike in torrey pines.. it's a great hike that has an awesome view of the ocean..

the whole time i felt like i was in an episode of lost.. i kept look around to see if i could find 'the others'

happy hikers

and for the perfect end to a perfect day - my friend danni - who is an amazing massage therapist- came over to give me the most wonderful hour and a half hot stone massage.. i could not have been happier or more relaxed..
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Chelsea said...

OK.....WE GET IT! Stop rubbing in the California goodness. We are working on it! Gosh....I just want to move tomorrow. The sun is actually shining today here in the great NW, so maybe I can actually leave the house today to enjoy some "fun in the sun" (as you would put it). No really though....I'm not bitter......I'm happy for you guys. You deserve the sunny California goodness. Anywho....we miss you guys and California. Until another time!;)

The Hawes said...

Ah, that massage sounds wonderful! Joe said he's getting me a prenatal back massage for Valentines day--I cant wait!

...Loan told all of us on Saturday about the place she takes you to where they do the massages for cheap?? I WANT TO GO THERE!!! Haha!

<3 Kristen