Thursday, December 06, 2007

what did i eat last night..

i had a strange dream last night..
i was at someone's house - and there was a get together - and we were talking about nana's memorial - which apparently is the upcoming monday (it's really not - we already had it, but in my dream it was on monday) - any how - someone thought they were doing a favor for me and was going to let me take their kid up to WA with me - so that the kid (who is like 3 years old) could play some song on the piano - and i was like - 'oh no thanks, look - i'm going to be stressed out enough - i don't really think it's a good idea to take a kid with me ' - and they (slightly offended that i didn't think it was the best idea ever) were like, 'fine, dustin will do it' - and sure enough dustin hoffman was sitting in the group - and i was like - 'no - dustin is not going to my nanas funeral - he never met her - and it's in washington - and that just doesn't make sense' - (no so much surprised dustin hoffman was hanging with us - more surprised that he'd want to fly to WA) - and then dustin was like, 'sure - of course i'll go - it's the right thing to do' - then i realized that i was busy all sunday with some test prep for some random test - and i had to get to wa for nana's memorial on monday - and then had my final on tuesday - that's when i started freaking out - cuz - when was i going to study?
oh yes - the nightmares before finals week have begun..

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LizardQueen said...

I was surfing with Great White's last night but they were down with me and thought that I was not good eating. They could speak. Also, I was a back up singer for a band my "friends" made... I never got to see the friends but I was singing on a stage and I was scared.