Saturday, May 19, 2007

today i called my sister.. and as she does sometimes.. she let deborah answer her phone.. which i love..
debroah says, 'hi'
and i say, 'hi, whose this?'
deborah says 'it's deborah who is this'
i say 'hmmm.. who is your most favorite person in the whole world?'
deborah says, 'kai.. oh it's kai.. oh i just love you kai'..
seriously.. i know i have done well conditioning my kids to answer 'kai' to questions such as, 'who is your favorite' and 'who is the best'.. but.. i just love it when they do.. and when i can hear them jumping up and down cause i'm on the phone.. it makes my heart happy..


LizardBreath said...

isn't it the cutest. i love when i call my sis and tessa is like "IT'S LIZZY!!!!" all excited. or the little one lilly, doesn't talk to well yet, so she mumbles a few words and all i understand is "izzy". Cuties.

Anonymous said...

Well, Just so you know we get all excited wheb Chai is on the other end of the phone too! said...

ahh how cute.