Monday, July 17, 2006

The last 15 minutes looked something like this

The movie had to be dropped off by 8:15 PM at a Marriott one mile from where i was editing it.

7:00 Finishing the movie, plenty of time. cleaning up the audio.

7:20 start to export it to uncompressed Quicktime to deliver it

7:35 crap, uncompressed is too big to fit on a DVD, ok i'll turn it into a DVD

7:47 DVD done, throw it in my DVD player at my desk, crap TV remote won't work so i can't put in on Video1. Throw it in my computer to watch, ok it looks good, scanning through... oh crap, it cuts out 80% of the way through!

7:50 re export movie again


8:07 I find a version that has the whole movie but i have no idea the quality of said version. I rip out everything plugged into my laptop and RUN out the door. Get into the car and tear out of there heading 90mph down the road screaming at the lights to turn green.

8:12 I arrive at the place, laptop in tow, compressing and burning the movie as i wait in line to turn it in...

And thats how it went... Not sure how the final version looks. I think its ok, but i think the aspect ratio is off. We'll see. All in all, very fun, and i could see how its addicting. I met many people in line to turn thiers in that do many of these things at the various cities and such. I think we will do it again as we know now what we want to do next time.

stay tuned and I'll put the movie up here soon.


LizardBreath said...

well it should be fabulous if you have beautiful chara stealing scenes! sounds like it's stressful but fun. eustress perhaps? can't wait to see it. good luck!

Ben.. said...

Chara chose not to participate in our movie and it suffered from the lack of her presence on the screen.

chara said...

yes.. that's excatly why i choose not to participate..