Sunday, June 04, 2006

The big day of fun that was Sunday

Today was the longest funnest day ever

It started off with a big round of surfing at 6:30 in the AM. the waves were big and they broke hard, and we got thrashed about a great deal, but it was great.

Follow that up with an awesome breakfast at the Beachbrake Cafe and you can't lose.

After that its a quick stop home to drop off the boards and then off to the swapmeet.

Here Heath is discussing the finer points of the swapmeet tennis racket selection with Rhiannon

Then it was back home to eat some awesome BBQ London Broil with some veggies and pita bread. so good. And of course a huge helping of homemade Sangria, which Heath enjoyed a great deal.

Here you can see him recovering on the couch...

Then after that another quick stop by the house to pick up the tennis shoes and off to the courts for a night of tennis. we are awesome at tennis.

And then because Chara and Rhiannon didn't get enough exercise in today they ran a few laps up the stairs and such on the way back to the cars from the courts

all in all, the most fun day ever. We are all very tired, but were ready to to it all again tomorrow... or something Posted by Picasa

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